Your personal robotic bartender. Cheers!

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What is IoTea?

IoTea is a robotic bartending robot controled over the cloud which takes the trouble out of creating mixed drinks. Have your favorite drinks perfectly mixed for you within seconds!

How does IoTea work?




The IoTea platform consists of three main components: IoTea, Cloud, and Dashboard. IoTea is the actual robotic bartender device that is connected to the IoTea Cloud. By accessing the Dashboard, you can create, manage, and dispense user-crafted drink creations, as well as view and try others' creations!


IoTea uses pumps to siphon out precise amounts of drink ingredient into your cup and mixes them to perfection. Connect your bottles to the device with the special bottlecap and let IoTea do the rest. No measurements required!

Cloud and Dashboard

Download the IoTea app and browse through hundreds of drink recipes to try for yourself. Just tap and serve! You can schedule drinks remotely and even upload your own recipes for others to taste. Yum!

Meet the team!

We are a group of four engineering students at UC San Diego taking ECE 188: The Art of Product Enginering II. Interestingly enough, we thought that the acronym for Internet of Things, IoT, sounded like I-o-"tea". Our passions for brewed drinks and electronics brought us to this Internet-driven bartending robot idea.


John Gamboa

Software Lead


Kevin Cheng

Hardware Lead


David Chen



Timothy Koh